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The Looming Mental Health Crisis

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About The Patriot & Lama Show

Jimmie Schwinn (The Patriot)

Jimmie Schwinn has been both an entrepreneur and patriot for decades. 

Since 1996, he has generated millions of leads and tens of millions of dollars in online sales in multiple industries. 

Seeing the status of our country, Jimmie decided to use his online business skills to help unite Patriots and provide valuable training to humanity that needs it now more than ever.

He is the founder of My Patriots Network.

Master Lama Rasaji (The Lama)

Master Lama Rasaji (co-founder of Circle of Life) is one of only 12 Master Lamas in the entire World. He lived and trained at the original Tai Chi Gung lamasery in Tibet.

This is the school that Lao Tzu opened when he left China more than 3000 years ago.

Master Lama Rasaji has been training in Lao Tzu’s regenerative health system for more than 50 years.

He has been sharing the system for more than 40 years. The teachings of Lao Tzu are based on the Siddhi Yoga Master lineage, going back more than 10,000 years. 

The power and purity of this extraordinary unbroken lineage are spoken best by those who have practiced it and studied directly with this profound Master of the art.
Now They Have Joined Forces To Create "The Patriot & Lama Show"!
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